Words: Maya Puggarana and Darrin Francois

Photography: Jeffrey Brandon, Gaurionex Rodriguez and Adrian Octavius Walker

The Jordan Delta 2 was made to support the fearless in their everyday pursuits of greatness and community action. The Jordan Brand community is full of creatives who serve, inspire and push boundaries, from Kimmiski Adams in Houston to Nouri Hassan in NYC and Nicholas Bailey in Chicago.

Kimmiski teaches the next generation of artists while building her own creative repertoire. Nouri models, makes music and founded an inclusive modeling agency. And Nicholas made his own content platform while mentoring youth in tech. They are all doing what they love, in style, and making sure to open doors for others at the same time.

Get to know Kimmiski, Nouri and Nick below, where they talk about community-driven purpose, style and the Jordan Delta 2.

Kimmiski Adams is a creative educator and artist who grew up in Dallas and is based in Houston, Texas. As a high school art teacher, she helps the next generation pursue creative careers.

On how Texas influences her creativity:

Texas heavily influences my work because I create based on culture and music. I’m heavy on third-coast culture. I grew up on the grills, and I like my rims and tires. I used to know how to work on cars; that was my artistic outlet until I got into drawing and painting. 

On getting into Jordans:

My first pair of sneakers were some red and white XIIs in the second grade. I remember accidentally wearing them to field day and doing everything I could not to get them dirty.

On the power of teaching:

Teaching is my passion. It was something I had been searching for. I had been making art and always knew that I wanted people to feel impacted by my pieces. Teaching gave me another way to have a direct impact because I teach at a school for kids who are underserved. The kids I teach have so much talent, they just don’t have the resources. I do everything I can to connect the dots and let them know they can do this.

On the Jordan Delta 2:

The Delta 2s are a super great shoe to have in your bag, especially for transitioning from work or workout shoes to everyday shoes. I can actually go walking in these. I dig them a lot and feel like they go with any outfit.


Nouri Hassan is a model, musician and the founder of XYNE modeling and casting agency. She grew up in New Jersey and is based in New York City.

On creating community in New York City:

My work revolves around discovering and amplifying the next wave of creative leaders in New York City. They’re the most driven, passionate and inspiring people. Those qualities alone represent New Yorkers. I’m grateful to have built a beautiful community of humans who not only collaborate professionally but also hang out as friends and help each other achieve their goals.

On getting into Jordans:

My older sister Sarah introduced me to both sneakers and hip-hop culture. We used to go to the mall all the time together. My first pair were some hand-me-downs Air Jordan 3s that I loved. My dad was also really into sneakers, sportswear and all things Nike, and my cousin was a big basketball player, as well. 

On her love of music:

Growing up, I was always passionate about music. I picked up the guitar when I was five, and when I got older, I started taking singing, drumming and piano lessons. I did every kind of band in school. I was in drumline for four years. I’ve always been a nerd who dives into anything I have an interest in. I recently got a drum machine, synthesizer, mixer and speakers of my dreams. I’ve been putting together mixes and starting to make music again. 

On the Jordan Delta 2:

They’re really, really comfortable and just a very New York-type shoe. You can walk around the whole city and feel fine at the end of the day. I love the outsole and the different textures on the shoe. It’s playful and fun.

Nicholas Bailey is a content creator and blogger based in Chicago via southern Virginia.

On using his work to support the next generation:

Although I don’t have as much physical time as I used to, I believe it’s important to use my platform in different ways. I don’t have as much time as I used to have, and I believe it’s important to use my platform. I’m constantly throwing other names out there and referring people. I do a lot of tech training for mostly young Black kids, trying to get them aware of that path. I’ll speak to a whole group of students online and teach them the stuff I do, including how to get into the field. I make sure I give out all the game in the world. Even in the content space, I always want to give people the game I didn’t always get when I started.

On getting into Jordans:

My initial introduction was sports because my dad was a huge sports guy. He’s the one who put me on to sports, music, pretty much everything. He was in the military, so he got to travel the whole world before I was even born. The first pair I ever got was the original Air Jordan V “Stealth” colorway. I remember being able to try on a few sizes to see which fit best. There’s actually a viral photo of me from 2006, where I had on a fake throwback jersey in white, blue and baby blue, and I was holding up a pair of the Stealth 5s to match it.

On the MJ quote, “Dreams don’t work unless you do”:

We call them dreams for a reason, right? It’s important to have dreams. You’ve got to have goals and big aspirations — things to look forward to. At the same time, you still have to put in the work to get there, the time and the energy. The love has to be there, too. I try to live by that. With anything I do, I practice. I put a lot of time into making stuff, even if it’s just to keep my mind sharp or test out new things. 

On the Jordan Delta 2:

It’s easily one of the top five most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on. I can wear these out to wherever. I can wear them to the store. I can walk around the city all day. I can be with my community all day. I like that. I love that subtle message on the back of the cover that says “inspire.” That really hits home. We’ve made sure that my 19-year-old mentee gets a pair of these, too, which I’m grateful for.

The Jordan Delta 2 is now available on Jordan.com and from select retailers.

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