“I think it was ’96 – junior high – and my ex-girl bought me and all of her friends AJ XI in white and legend blue. I have many pairs at home, it was my favorite shoe. I feel like footwear and music are the two things that really can bring you back to that feeling you had when you were younger.

The AJ XI reminds me of that time. I was listening to Jay [Z]. I mean, obviously, that remix with Mya and her “Carolina Blue” kicks. It was the first time I really saw that blue on a pair of shoes. Nobody really messed with that colorway until Jordan put that on the XI. It was Jay, it was Nas, it was right after Biggie passed; the mid ’90s was the best era.

1996 is one of our logos and it’s because that was the most influential year in my life. I was 14 years old and I just started working in the city. I was already being introduced to all these hip-hop artists, including Jay. That was considered the golden era of hip-hop.”