Photos: Tasha Bleu

“Summer 18 is a ‘90s basketball vibe,” says Aleali May of the product she styled for the Jordan Women’s Summer 18 footwear collection (Part 1). “I wanted to play off [of] each girl’s style and aesthetic, mixing millennial with ‘90s.”

Just in time for the NBA Finals, Aleali once again called on her friends, Siobhan Bell (London) and Sasha de Oliveira (New York), to model looks and talk style inspiration for the summer. Here, they wear the Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 1 Zip, and Air Jordan 1 Low—street staples that were first released as basketball shoes in the ’80s. Each shoe is made with soft, premium suede and comes in women’s sizing.

What do you like about the Air Jordan 1 and 3, specifically?

Aleali: The Jordan 1 is my favorite silhouette, because it looks good on both men and women, and you can dress it up or down. Its history is rule-breaking, fashion forward, and ahead of its time. It’s a shoe that’s for the culture, by the culture.

I got my first pair of Jordan 3s in high school. I begged my mom to buy me them. I told her that if I don’t get anything else for Christmas, I’d be happy with just the 3s. I wore them with everything!

Sasha: What I like most about the Jordan 1 is how classic and universal the shoe is. It’s retro yet still very relevant in today’s culture.

Siobhan: I wanted a pair of Jordans after watching Like Mike and Space Jam as a kid. I thought that they gave you powers! The Jordan 1 is my favourite silhouette, because I love high tops, and they look good in any colour.

What kind of basketball style were you drawn to growing up?

Aleali: Being from LA during a major time for the Lakers, I saw a lot of basketball style. Players from the ‘90s and early 2000s changed the game and the game of basketball style.

Sasha: Being from Toronto, I grew up a Raptors fan. The late ‘90s were the best years of the Toronto Raptors jersey, so seeing my cousins and uncles wear it on game days was always super cool.

Siobhan: Being from London, we didn’t grow up with very much basketball, but luckily my cousin was a big Michael Jordan fan. He had all the Jordan shoes and this big poster of Jordan in his room that he stuck a cutout of his own face on.

How do you incorporate basketball style into your wardrobe more regularly?

Aleali: I love dressing up but keeping cozy and comfortable elements of my style. Sometimes, I’ll crop my jersey or create an early 2000s vibe by wearing a jersey dress.

Sasha: Now that I’m living in New York, I always like to be comfortable. When I wear sneakers, I like to wear them with high socks or pair Jordan 1s with a track pant or sweat suit.

Siobhan: Because my style is a little bit tomboy and baggy, similar to the oversized jersey and big shorts basketball look, sneakers just fit.

What’s your sneaker etiquette with shoes like the ones in this shoot? Keep them clean or wear them out?

Aleali: I love wearing my shoes. It’s very rare that I’ll keep a pair unused. A little scuff won’t hurt. I personally feel it adds character.

Sasha: A little wear is always cool and gives the shoe character.

Siobhan: I like my shoes worn out, too.

What’s the rule on basketball shorts, bucket hats, and sunglasses?

Aleali: Whether I’m wearing men’s or women’s clothes, it’s all about the confidence and conviction of knowing your outfit is fresh.

Sasha: My exact summer 18 look is basketball shorts, sports bra, oversized baseball top, high socks, and sunglasses.

Siobhan: I like basketball shorts, especially if they look like they are drowning on you. I would usually wear them with a crop top to add girly-ness and a bucket hat.

The Air Jordan 3 will be available on 6/8/2018 on SNKRS.

The Air Jordan 1 Zip is available now on

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