Aleali May takes inspiration from many sources – from couture to the cultural, from her home of Los Angeles to a wide circle of friends and international influences.

 As she prepares for the warmer season, Aleali gets up with friends Siobhan Bell (London) and Sasha de Oliveira (New York) to style around new Jordan Women’s product and talk style inspiration for summer.

How did you all meet?

Aleali: I met Sasha when I was working at RSVP Gallery in Chicago. We were connected on Instagram and had mutual friends. We finally met in 2012.

I met Siobhan through [mutual friend Sammy] who is actually Nike gang. I was like ‘Yo, your friend Siobhan. I’d really like to send her a pair of shoes. We’re doing this for women, and she’s fresh’.

We’ve always seen each other at Fashion Week, it’s always the same group. We were like ‘Well, there’s not too many girls in this lane, we gotta squad up’.

What’s inspiring you stylistically?

Aleali: Summer 18 is a 90s basketball vibe. All our friends were heavily influenced by the ‘90s hip hop, rnb era and when you think about Jordan brand as one of the originators of sportswear as fashion, that’s where I tried to draw inspo from.

I wanted to play off each girl’s style and aesthetic, mixing Millennial with ‘90s.

How does your love for the game show through?

Siobhan: We’re talking about ‘Capital G’ Game.

Aleali: We’re about going hard in whatever court your life is in. Living out your fullest potential. We’re either in Soho or London or the streets of South Central, Hollywood, Fairfax and LaBrea. We’re just trying to hold it down in our respective areas.

What key pieces are you styling around?

Siobhan: Comfortable sneakers. Always a crop. And I’m doing my bucket [hat] this summer.

Aleali: There’s always a baggy silhouette somewhere in the mix.

You’re hitting some music festivals together. What are you packing?

Sasha: Coachella is interesting for the three of us because we all look different but we make sense, as a group and individually. At least when I think of Coachella, it’s like crochet and gladiator sandals.

We thought about [dressing as] fringe, but then we were just like, ‘Nah, we are trying to go ham.’ You know. We have glitter. We’re wearing color. We’re girls that like to wear black, but we’re literally popping out.

What kind of style will we see in different cities this season?

Aleali: For LA, it’s vintage tees with denim shorts and J’s. I feel that in South Central especially. We always try to find new kicks.

Siobhan: In London, it’s tracksuit pants and sneakers. It’s always cold in London so we have a lot of layers. It’s also part of a culture – the Grime scene.

Sasha: New Yorkers I think are similar in style to London. Tracksuits, a pullover and clean kicks. New Yorkers love their AJ 1s.

The Air Jordan 1 High Premium will be available on 4/26, and the Air Jordan 1 Zip in Mica Green drops 5/18 on