Photos: @asphaltchronicles

Billie Eilish is back in Paris for the fourth time in her 16 years on the planet. But instead of performing for another sold out crowd, the singer is here to talk about her love for Jordans on a panel alongside Russell Westbrook and Don C.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Eilish knows how to effortlessly pair sneakers with baggy, layered looks. In Paris, she debuted new colorways of the Air Jordan 1 Explorer XX and the women’s-specific Air Jordan 3 Bordeaux.

Get to know Eilish below.

On why she likes to play shows in Paris:

My favorite part of Paris? Doing shows here. Everybody is louder than I’ve ever heard. In-person, everyone is really respectful, but then they go hard during the shows.

On discovering and wearing Jordans:

What’s cool to me is that Jordan has stuck around. It’s been around for my entire life. I was born in 2001. All of the people I look up to are always up on Jordans. The hilarious thing is, I first heard about Jordans through a song with the lyrics, “Tip-toeing in my Jordans.” I was like, “I want some Jordans!” I just think they’re cool.

Right after that, I was in a thrift store and spotted a pair of red 4s. I was so excited that I walked right over to buy that pair.

On her favorite pair of Jordans:

You can wear Jordan 1s with everything. I want a different pair of Jordans for everything — every color for every single thing I have. With the 1s, it’s not just that they started everything. It’s still going. They never end. I feel like they’re the most popular shoe ever. I’ve worn them on stage, too.

On defining her personal style:

My style always changes. Fashion is just clothing to me. It’s the same if you asked me how I would describe my music. If I told you what it is now, you’d think that’s what it is forever. But it changes. I don’t think of anything with rules, so I never feel like I’m breaking any. I’m just myself. That’s with everything.

On the importance of the women’s Air Jordan 3 Bordeaux:

Growing up, I was so interested in men’s shoes, and I would buy men’s shoes. Every time I went to a store, I would be like, “Can I have a men’s 6?” I feel like I almost never asked for a women’s 8. Everybody has their own style. I think it’s really sick to incorporate everyone in the way that Jordan’s doing with these shoes.

On being part of a Jordan panel alongside Russell Westbrook and Don C:

It’s surreal. It’s insane that the people I have really messed with for years now mess with me, too. It’s really hard to wrap your head around.

The Air Jordan 1 Explorer XX is available in women’s sizes 5 to 12 starting July 1. The Air Jordan 3 Bordeaux is available in women’s sizes 5 to 12 starting September 21.