New York-based stylist, designer and model Bloody Osiris is renowned for pushing fashion standards through his contrast of the nostalgic with current silhouettes. Most visible for his work alongside brands like Off-White, Bloody also sets the cultural temperature globally styling entertainers like Travis Scott.

The Jordan community first clocked Bloody’s creativity through his love for later-edition Air Jordans, from the AJ 14 and up. Before heading out on a packed summer itinerary that includes Poland, London, Paris and China Bloody tells us about taking his shot and explains why the 14s remain one of his all-time favorites.

Why is the [AJ] 14 one of your favorite Jordans?

It’s a more intricate design. They’re hard, they’re sleek. I really like that about them. They look futuristic. They actually look like the ’90s rendition of what the future should look like. That’s how I always like to think of those Jordans; the 14’s, the 15’s. I like to think of them as what the ’90s thought the 2000s and the new millennium would look like.

When you style it almost looks like you are creating superheroes. What’s in your head when you are dressing?

I’m definitely using nostalgia to create different characters. It all stems from stuff I’ve seen in my childhood. I don’t necessarily go back to rewatch old films, but I think about how it used to look.

When I first started styling the 14s with the baggy pants, the Rick Owens jacket and the shades, that was my rendition of what I thought in the ‘90s/early 2000s of what I might have seen as a vampire in a movie.

What were you recalling for this fit, around the ‘Last Shot’ AJ 14?

These were meant to be based around a sports car. But I see the details on the side and to me, they look more like vampire teeth. They’re sleek and black and red.

That’s sick. Where did you shoot this?

This is actually upstate [New York]. It’s a Lutheran church.

You’re into symbolism. Are you superstitious?

I’m very superstitious. No hats on the bed, don’t walk under ladders  – very, very, very superstitious.

Can you run us through everything you’re wearing?

The shirt is actually one shirt. It’s an Off-White shirt from the runway. It’s not released yet. It’s a button up shirt and what he did was he cut the sleeves from a regular long sleeve and sewed them together.

And the harness is from the brand Alyx Matthew Williams. The tie is Midnight by my good friend, Shane. The name belt is  by Helmut Lang. And the briefcase is Helmut Lang also.

That leather jacket is also Off-White, from the runway. When I went over there to help work on a show, Virgil let me keep a few pieces.

That’s gotta be one of the big draws; being able to work with designers you wear.

Yeah. It’s so cool that everything that I’m wearing in this picture, I know the person who makes it. That’s so cool to me. It’s a dream come true. And I think that it’s real inspiring. Because growing up I never thought I would meet any of these designers that I wear, or wore.

Now that your creative vision is putting you in these positions, looking back how do you see that whole journey really jumping off for you?

I think just being myself really got me to where I’m at. I think people really appreciate a person that’s their [authentic] self.

What people really love about you is you are doing your own thing and you’re not worrying about following the standard. You seem to be about setting new standards. Do you have any advice you can share in the age of Instagram?

Well, I think that it’s kind of hard in today’s society and culture. Back in the day with the hip hop artists that we looked up to, there was 100% originality, and they just wanted to be themselves.

Now an artist can sound exactly like another artist, and make it. And then eventually they sound nothing alike, you get what I’m sayin’? They find their own niche, their own style, their own sound.

I think just do whatever you want to do. Eventually you’ll find your your own swag. I always knew I wanted to look different than everybody else. If everybody had this I’m gonna spray paint them, or do something different to them, or customize them.

When you think about Jordan, and the Last Shot, and how do you relate to that? Is that a story you can apply to your life?

Yeah. I feel like everything in my life is a last minute thing. It’s not planned, it’s very freestyle. Everything that happens is clutch.

Certain things that have been helping me out in my career; certain deals that I get, it’ll come after hardship. Something will go wrong and I’ll be really sad and then all of a sudden, ‘last shot’. Just make it. Something pop up on you. Something good happens all the time.

Do you think that you manifest that?

Yeah, I definitely manifest it. I think it into existence. I don’t really talk about my problems too much, but when I’m sad, the next day something happens that’s just great. I think it’s God.

Lastly – you have so much exposure to so many different styles but Jordan seems to be something that you come back to all the time. What is it about Jordan?

It’s purely about the aesthetic of it. I try to incorporate basketball into my style; whatever it is. Whether I wanna emulate a vampire, a motorcyclist or a character from an alien movie in the ’90s I have to relate that back to basketball. Even my poses are real like basketball, you know? I like that.

The Air Jordan 14 ‘Last Shot’ will be available on 6/14/2018 on SNKRS.