After a limited release, the new Jordan Women’s Flight Utility Apparel capsule will become more widely available, just in time for the NBA All-Star Game in Chicago. Inspired by the foundation of Jordan Brand’s design ethos, flight, the collection reimagines various staples for everyday, functional wear.

Ahead of the weekend festivities, nine Chicago creatives and community leaders styled the collection. Here, they talk about their favorite pieces, the significance of the collection and how the Windy City influences their personal style.

Brittany Simone

Brittany Simone is a Chicago-based fashion stylist who works with TV stars and other public figures.

“My favorite piece in the new collection is the utility pant. It’s very versatile. It goes with anything. You can dress it up or wear it casual. Living in Chicago has influenced my style because of the different seasons. Fall and winter are my favorite, because you’re able to express your sense of fashion and wear as many layers as you want. I love fashion, so it gives me the time to express myself through my clothing.”

Marley Wint

Marley Wint is from the South Side of Chicago and specializes in brand development and marketing through her company, Minty Fresh Tips

“My favorite piece in the new collection is definitely the cargo pants. It fits with my style, which is very ‘90s retro. Chicago has impacted my style through the diversity in different parts of the city. We all dress differently, but at the same time, we all dress alike. I definitely get inspiration from all parts of the city. With this year’s NBA All-Star Game in Chicago, people get to see where the culture came from.”

Linnae Harper

Linnae Harper is a professional basketball player and philanthropist from the South Side of Chicago whose non-profit, That Harper Kid, creates opportunities for the city’s youth.

“My favorite piece is the jumpsuit that I have on. It’s feminine but also sporty. As an athlete, this gives me an option outside of what I usually wear to compete or train. It’s fitting for multiple occasions, and it’s comfortable. For a long time, women have been put in the same categories as men, in general. Having our own collection supports our confidence and brings us together. In a similar way, I’m looking forward to seeing communities and youth come together and have a great time for the NBA All-Star Game in Chicago. This city has influenced me and my style a lot.”

Sarah Gorden

Sarah Gorden is a professional soccer player, sports and fitness model and broadcaster.

“My favorite piece is these black pocket nylon pants. You can dress them up or dress them down. As a woman and professional athlete, it’s great to see Jordan Brand really branch out and do this for women. I grew up watching MJ in the ‘90s, and I was also a tomboy growing up. For the NBA All-Star Game in Chicago, I’m excited to be around and meet dope people.”

Armani Martin

Armani Martin is a filmmaker, director, producer, writer and owner of June Entertainment.

“My favorite pieces are the utility pants and utility bomber jacket. I’m a street chic/glam type of girl. I can wear pumps or Jordans with those. I feel like this collection is for women who are chic, on-the-go women, boss women. I’m always on the go, and I had to take public transportation all my life to get to jobs. I’m always trying to be fly, to get on the bus or train and still look good. That’s the style. That’s who I am.”

Sascha Smith

Sascha Smith is a chef who founded SRS Experience, a program that teaches cooking skills and caters events.

“I love the pants and the jumpsuit. They’re loose, but they somehow contour a woman’s body very well at the same time. I think this collection is an advancement for women. It’s made for us. Seeing everyone come together in Chicago for the NBA All-Star Game is going to be amazing. The people in this city have so much to offer, and seeing all of us united is going to be really nice.”

Tanya Lozano

Tanya Lozano leads a robust portfolio of programs, including Healthy Hood Chicago, that aim to engage, educate and empower families through health initiatives.

“The oversized T-shirt is my favorite piece. I like oversized clothes, and I feel like they’re super trendy right now. Being an athlete, playing basketball and dancing, baggy clothes are where it’s at for me. Jordan Brand has always been really big in women’s lives. I have the Jumpman tattooed on my arm. It’s dope to see a collection that’s just for us. I’m excited for the NBA All-Star Game to highlight our underrated city. A lot of trends start in Chicago, but we don’t get the credit for it. Chicago made me who I am.”

Ticara Devone

Ticara Devone is a writer, style enthusiast and digital marketing manager in the music, radio and sneaker industries.

“For me, the jumpsuit is the most awesome piece. I’m a huge fan of jumpsuits, and I’ve written several blog posts on how to style them and how to wear them in the winter. It’s amazing that Jordan Brand has made a collection that’s not only trendy but that can last. Living in Chicago has made me the person I am today, from my sneakers to my jewelry. I’m excited for this NBA All-Star Game to be in my hometown.”

Aleta Clark

Aleta Clark aka Englewood Barbie has launched Hugs No Slugs and Feeding The Friends to help communities with education, employment, rehabilitation, food and resources.

“I love everything I have on! I love this coat with the faux fur inside, these big jogging pants and this bodysuit. I like fashion. Most of the time, I just wear what’s clean, what fits and what’s comfortable. This collection empowers us to be comfortable and gives us options. It just gives us a voice. I’m excited for everything about the NBA All-Star Game in our city, the entire experience from start to finish.”

The Jordan Women’s Flight Utility Apparel capsule is now available at select retailers. It’s also available on February 14 at and SNKRS.