Cleopatra “Cleo” Lee is a true New Yorker. Raised in the heart of Harlem, the 23-year-old Haitian-American model grew up rocking Air Jordans and “Uptowns.” Today, Cleo is also a wellness advocate and founder of Cleopatra’s Army, a program that offers training, meal plans, equipment and guidance. Cleo’s cool confidence and sneaker style made her a perfect choice for showing us how and why she rocks the Air Jordan IV Cool Grey.

How did you get into sneakers?

I’ve always had a love for sneakers. I grew up in Harlem, and sneaker culture is super important there. Like in other places, people stand in line to get the new Air Jordans. One time, I got up at 6 a.m. to get IVs. Since the fourth grade, I always wanted the latest pair of Jordans. I tried to keep up with the boys in my class, and I surpassed them at times!

What do you like about styling a silhouette like the Air Jordan IV Cool Grey?

It only has a few colors, so my immediate reaction is to throw some color into the outfits. Grey goes with a lot of things. There’s so much you can do, because it has black, white and grey. It’s perfect!

Overall, the Air Jordan IV works well with so many things. It’s more neutral, but it still has elegance.

How has your style developed over the years?

My mom definitely cares about her style and coordinating, so I got that from her. She’d say, “You have to match, and you have to do this and this.” Growing up in Harlem influenced my style a lot, in terms of getting into street fashion and being more of a tomboy.

What motivated you to start Cleopatra’s Army?

I’ve always been into fitness. I grew up doing track, kung fu and swimming. I fell off for a few years, but when I got back into working out, I noticed how much it better it made my life. I wanted to help other people stay in shape and live healthier lifestyles. That’s what motivated me to start Cleopatra’s Army and build a community for people who may not have those resources.

How do you take a healthy approach to your everyday life?

I try to be as honest as possible about my lifestyle, because sometimes people think that a healthy lifestyle is super strict and no fun. A healthy lifestyle is meant to fit you. Everything in moderation — that’s my lifestyle.

The Air Jordan IV “Cool Grey” is available starting August 1 on, SNKRS and at select retailers.