Photographer Elizabeth De La Piedra has an eye for capturing joy, as well as the stories of various cultures and communities — a talent she cultivated while growing up in Australia’s Western Sydney. It was there, in her family’s Peruvian household, that she got into music, art, sneakers and thrift-shopping for clothes. “We used to listen to a lot of Peruvian music in our house,” Elizabeth remembers. “I was really into pop culture and pop music, and then when I got into high school, I flipped to metal and then goth and hip-hop.” Elizabeth’s outfits have always carried a similar range, mixing the work of designer labels, local creatives, streetwear and DIY finds.

Now, as a mother, Elizabeth is focused on sharing the same creativity and diversity with her sons, Lex and Ryder. Based in Chicago, Elizabeth and her family are no stranger to Air Jordans (or matching shoes whenever they can, for that matter). To celebrate the women’s and kids’ releases of the Air Jordan XI Low White/Pink, Elizabeth got Lex and Ryder together for a self-portrait shoot.

Below, Elizabeth talks about how she got into photography and keeping her personal style as a mother.

What was your approach to styling and photographing yourself and the kids in the Air Jordan XI Low?

For me, I wanted to offset a classic shoe with more of a feminine, modern woman edge. These are some amazing gowns that I sourced from the Chicago-based designer, Azeeza. I love wearing sneakers with dresses; I think it’s a really chic look. I really love the Air Jordan XI, as well, and I love the pink detail of this particular model.

What was your exposure to basketball culture and MJ in Australia?

MJ’s impact was felt hard in Australia. I remember watching his movie in school and seeing the kids in my classes trade basketball cards.

Would you say your kids have already developed their own styles?

Lex makes a lot of requests. He requests a lot of black, which I would love to take credit for as a former goth, but he’s also really obsessed with superheroes. Ryder will just wrap up in anything.

How has your personal style evolved since you’ve become a mother?

If anything, motherhood has helped me embrace my style more. My style hasn’t changed since I became a mother. Motherhood has evolved me as a human, and I feel more of an understanding of who I am as a person. I know that I have more conviction in my outfits, too.

When did you know you wanted to pursue photography as a career?

I knew I wanted to pursue art since I was three or four years old. In my teens, I started focusing on photography as a way of being creative. I was really obsessed with being able to generate an image so quickly in digital form and then upload it onto the computer and manipulate it. It just made sense for me to move into a creative job.

How do you keep evolving and reinventing both yourself and your work?

I always say, “Don’t be afraid of the future.” You can’t stop things from evolving and progressing. You end up missing out on some really awesome, new things if you don’t open yourself up to them!

The Air Jordan XI Low White/Pink is available in women’s and kids’ sizing starting May 7 on and at select retailers.

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