Words: Russell Westbrook

In the “From Russ” series, Russell Westbrook tells the stories behind each colorway of the Why Not? Zer0.2. Each version is inspired by important people and moments in Westbrook’s life, including his family and his fans.

On July 5, 2008, I signed my rookie deal with the Seattle SuperSonics before they became the Oklahoma City Thunder six days later. At 19 years old, after being selected fourth overall in that year’s draft, I started a journey over 1,300 miles away from where I had spent my entire life. Thankfully, OKC embraced me from the beginning, and because of that, I’ve never really felt far from home. That’s why I constantly honor the community that has helped me grow from being a teenager to the man I am today. My latest tribute is the Why Not? Zer0.2 “The City.”

Russell Westbrook played in the Why Not? Zer0.2 “The City” on January 17, 2019

I feel blessed to have been part of this team since it started. The community, team, and I have grown a lot in that time. Our fan base, our organization and our culture are what make OKC a great place to be. Every night that I wear my OKC jersey, I feel the love and energy of over 18,000 people in our home arena. I’m so thankful for the fans who’ve been riding with me since day 1. My first game, my first triple-double and my first playoff win all happened in front of our home crowd. Now, I’m blessed to walk into the arena and have shootaround with my son, Noah, by my side.

Some of my best memories in OKC have been made off the court. My wife and I chose to start a family and raise our three children here. I’m proud that my children will grow up in this community and call OKC home. This place has been the base for my Why Not? Foundation. My wife opened up her family-oriented boutique, The Little Ark, last year. My brother, Ray, received his master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma. My ties are way bigger than just basketball now.

Russell Westbrook playing in the Why Not? Zer0.2 “The City”

Off the court, OKC locals and I have shared many moments that I’ll remember forever: Thanksgiving dinners, book fairs, Christmas parties, basketball camps, bowling fundraisers and the list goes on. “The City” colorway is in honor of the memories we’ve shared and the bond we’ll have forever.

The Why Not Zer0.2 “The City” releases globally on March 14.

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