Words: Russell Westbrook

In the “From Russ” series, Russell Westbrook tells the stories behind each colorway of the Why Not? Zer0.2. Each version is inspired by important people and moments in Westbrook’s life, including his family and his fans.

Kids who hoop around the world dream of having their own sneaker one day. It seems like just yesterday that I was one of those kids. Even though it’s my name attached to the new Why Not? Zer0.2, this is more than just “my sneaker.” Each colorway belongs to all the people who’ve helped me throughout my journey and who believe in me today.

“The Family” colorway is definitely different from the first, colorful “Future History” colorway. I chose to switch things up with black and white, because my family was there for me before all of the bright lights and accomplishments. To them, I’m more than just a professional basketball player; I’m a father, husband, son and brother.

The Why Not? Zer0.2 “The Family” colorway

The left heel of each WN0.2 has an external tag highlighting the shoe’s color palette and colorway name. The outsole of the WN0.2 has concentric traction patterns that also refer to Westbrook’s number, 0.

I always make sure to honor the special individuals who I’m proud to call my family. My mom has always been my style icon, and to this day, I ask her for outfit advice. She’s always encouraged me to be unique and true to myself. When I do things like put the size tag on the outsole of my shoe, rather than inside, I can imagine her supportively saying, “Why not?” She and my dad are my role models, and they taught me to put family first. Their sacrifices gave me a blueprint for how my wife, Nina, and I are raising our own children.

My brother, Ray, is a couple years younger than me, but I honestly look up to him. For nearly three decades, he’s been a constant source of inspiration in my life. From the crib, to the hardwood, to Jordan Brand — he’s always been there for me while continuing to build his own legacy, too.

It’s also important to note that family goes beyond blood relation. Each pair of the Why Not? Zer0.2 has a black section on the midsole — to honor my late friend, and eternal teammate, Khelcey Barrs III a.k.a. KB3. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t think of him. His presence is always with me, especially on the court. Prior to each game, I write KB3 on my sneakers, because he still inspires me to be the best player and man I can be.

I’m truly blessed to call these people my family, and I’m honored to dedicate this sneaker to them.

The Why Not Zer0.2 “The Family” is available globally now.

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