Raised on the South Side of Chicago, singer, rapper and writer Dreezy [@DreezyDreezy] is fresh talent who can flick the switch from melodic R&B delivery to spitting staccato bars.  

Following the release of her debut album in July of 2016, Chicago’s “princess of rap” took some time out from collaborating with hip hop’s finest to talk about growing up Jordan.

“Since I was born, my daddy was a real sports fan and was always into basketball. He managed to get some fresh J’s on my feet.

I would roll with my daddy everywhere. Going to my grandma’s house, going to school or a friend’s house. I still wear Jordans to this day. No telling where I wear ‘em – to my shows, coolin’ in the studio.”

“I’ve always been a tomboy. My momma went all out for me. My step daddy worked at the limo company so I used to get dropped off at school in a limo in my J’s and my diamond earrings.

I was never the girly type. I didn’t even know I was one of the freshest kids in school. I was out there playing football with the boys, I was just always into shoes and stuff like that. I didn’t think the girls were really into that. I’ve had almost all the Jordans. I like the exclusive drops now. It’s always got that cool kid vibe to it.”

“I wear heels every now and then, but I’m a really hard sneaker girl. I’m a rapper. I like to jump on top of speakers, get in the crowd. Get on the table. I like having fun with it. Sneakers are just kind of flexible to me. I’ve probably got three pairs of heels in my closet.

I don’t think my parents knew how serious I was about music until I dropped out of college and went about my way. I’ve been singing and writing my whole life, since I picked up a pen. I started writing as a way to express myself, and poetry tied into it. When I started doing music it was all one and the same.”

“Rap is my basketball league. I feel like I’m going out there and I’m going against all these guys and I’ve got to go just as hard. I have my favorite rapper and I have my icons that I look up to.

There’s still a hype about Jordan. I hope to build a legacy that will last forever, for my kids. I want to set an example for everybody. I’m on it right now and I’m definitely paying attention to how people are moving and what they’re doing.”