Carmelo Anthony’s shift in mindset and approach to training was signaled over the summer by the emergence of ‘Hoodie Melo,’ and sightings of a hooded Carmelo seemed to take on a mythical new persona.

As we continue the season, Melo takes a second to give us some insight into his new approach to what it takes to Win Like Melo.

You’ve said the hoodie represents renewed focus in training. What are some areas you’ve been focusing on specifically?

“The hoodie symbolizes a renewed focus. The mentality made me lock in and take my training to another level. I challenged myself mentally and physically.”

What is a new aspect of training you have introduced for this season and what impact has this had?

“My trainer challenged me to get into a mental zone and a different type of focus.”

If ‘Hoodie Melo’ was a superhero, who would he be?

[Marvel Comics Super Hero] “Captain America.”

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