What kind of day is it when you pull out the AJ 4’s?
When I pull out my AJ 4’s, the day is special for me. It represents a side of myself that is edgy, comfortable and pure money! My style fluctuates, but I’ve always had a strong love for the 4’s.

Do you remember your first pair?
My first pair of 4’s was in high school. Just me and some friends conversing about buying old Jordans. I begged my mom, I needed these sneakers. I’ve had the same pair ever since.

Can you explain how stark tones work with your style?
I love how black is the combination of all colors. I love the intensity black can bring to an outfit. If I am in all black, I try to throw in some contrast, and the Pure Money whites were the perfect icing on top. I also wanted to bring out the silver hardware of the AJ 4, so I added a silver chained necklace. This gave it more flow to a darker, edgy aesthetic as dark doesn’t exist without light.

Can you break down why you chose this outfit?
For myself, I feel black can bring just as much attention as if I wore a brighter color. It’s my way of making a bold statement, without actually saying it. With the different stitching and fabrics on the shirt, jacket, and ribbing on the inner calf of the shorts, the pieces draw the eye to what matters most for me – the details. It’s kind of one of those things where you have to see it, to believe it. You can really enjoy the craftsmanship.