What does it mean to be defiant? For some, it’s challenging the norm. For others, it’s pursuing a dream towards an uncharted destination. Defiance requires bravery in the face of those who doubt — those who cannot see what’s beyond the horizon.

Jordan Brand assembled a group of bold individuals who embody this spirit. They continually show us what it means to look past opposition in order to shape the future. We like to call them “The Ones.” They’ve joined us to celebrate the shoe that started it all, the Air Jordan 1.

While the Air Jordan 1 is now ubiquitous off-court, its legendary status began on MJ’s feet. As the first shoe to be worn on-court in multiple colorways, it supported MJ’s one-of-a-kind performance and style. The 1985 black and red version violated the league’s uniform policy at the time, resulting in it being “Banned.” This brazen attitude birthed the Air Jordan lineage.

Stay tuned for stories about the talented cast who represent “The Ones” this season: Nigel Sylvester, Billie Eilish, YBN Nahmir, Rox Brown, Elaine Zhong, Kori Carter, Jalen Ramsey, Briana King and Jamal Adams.