Each year, Jordan Brand’s new game shoe introduces new design and technologies to advance basketball and help players everywhere. The Air Jordan XXXIV continues this by stripping the shoe down to its essential attributes of stability, quickness and lightness. Using an all-new Eclipse Plate tooling, the XXXIV prioritizes performance and style and exemplifies a “less is more” mentality.

The next generation of Jordan Brand family members will be wearing the XXXIV this season. Here, they share what they look for in a performance shoe and what the game shoe means to them.

Zion Williamson

I always gravitate towards a shoe that’s comfortable, durable and stylish on and off the court. When you put on some Jordans fresh out the box, people know what it is. The 34 delivers on all of that. I felt the benefit of the Eclipse Plate from the moment I put it on. A shoe that has this much technology while staying minimal makes a difference in my game, whether I’m flying down the court or dunking.

People forget that I’m only 19. To be part of unveiling the Air Jordan XXXIV, and wearing it this season, is a huge honor. Jordan has this family feeling — that’s why I signed with the brand. I grew up watching MJ tapes with my family, and I’ve admired the athletes who signed before me. It’s gonna be fun wearing these and starting a new chapter in my career.

Jayson Tatum

When it comes to basketball shoes, I’m all about comfort — having a shoe that allows me to be myself, move freely and do what I do best on the court. It’s very important that my shoes are light and secure. I want them to give me that edge, while also being stable enough when I turn up during the game.

Whenever I’m playing, I just want to focus on the game. All of the Air Jordans are fire, and the XXXIV definitely passes the test. It gives me that stability and peace of mind on the court. I was super excited when I first saw the shoe, knowing I’d be one of the first to wear it. The Eclipse Plate in the XXXIV not only looks cool, but it’s the first of its kind. It helps with stability, so that I feel secure in the shoe, yet still explosive and light on my feet. People will notice once they get the shoe and start playing in it.

It’s incredible to be one of the faces of Jordan Brand, to continue the legacy of MJ — the greatest player ever. He did so much for the game of basketball globally. In this family, we do things differently, we go about our business differently and we look good doing it. It’s an honor to be a part of the new generation that continues to carry the legacy, and I can’t wait to support and show off the brand on the court this year.

Kia Nurse

Whenever I’m considering wearing a new performance shoe, I ask myself, “How does it really feel on my foot?” I like my shoes to be light and not too bulky. I like to be able to move easily. Once I have all of that, I can perform at my highest ability; I don’t have to worry about anything on game day. I can go out, have my game plan, execute it and know my match-ups.

I love the sleekness of the Air Jordan XXXIV. It’s different and moves well with me. It looks good and feels good, like all Air Jordans, so you can play well, too. As a guard, I have to move laterally and change direction quickly, so I need a shoe that is responsive to my game. Every single night, I’m tasked with guarding one of the best guards in the world, and that’s as unpredictable as it gets. They run off of a million screens and do a great job of getting open. So defensively and offensively, it’s essential that I’m able to move, and that I’m comfortable while doing that.

This shoe has its own simplicity and swagger, too. I love the new design element that we have with the Eclipse Plate. That’s something that hasn’t been done before. That’s what you expect from an Air Jordan. Having footwear like this is essential to being successful defensively and offensively.

As our game continues to evolve, everything around it has to evolve, as well. Jordan Brand has really stepped up to give us new technology and designs. MJ’s legacy allowed so many of us to follow our dreams in basketball. It’s an absolute honor to be a part of this family — one that represents so many great things about culture and being the greatest you can be.

Rui Hachimura

For me, the most important part of a basketball shoe is its design. Personally, I focus on what I think it will bring to my performance. I feel 120% ready for the game when I wear the right shoes. Sometimes, when I’m looking at a shoe I’ve worn in the past, I can even recall memories from past games. I’ve worn Nike and Jordan Brand sneakers since I was a kid. One of the reasons is that I attended the Jordan Brand Classic when I was a high school student. I saw MJ there, and I liked his shoes. I’ve worn Jordans ever since.

The design of the Air Jordan XXXIV is great. It’s what I always imagined basketball shoes would look like in the future. The shoe is simple and not too crazy, and the materials fit well on my feet. I play using both my size and speed, so it’s good that these feel very light, like I can barely feel them. They’re made so that a bigger player like me can still move fast. The interior of the shoe is as good as the exterior. That’s why I like the shoe so much.

Other brands produce shoes every year, but Jordan Brand shoes are always different and noticed around the world. They are the best. It’s truly a pleasure to join the Jordan family. Being family is a very big deal for me — an unforgettable moment in my life.

Asia Durr

I like an on-court shoe that feels comfortable and light and has bright colors. For every athlete, comfortable shoes directly correlate to being comfortable with performing on the court. I’m thankful that I trust the shoes I play in and know that they give me the confidence to go out there and play hard.

When I played in the Air Jordan XXXIII SE, so many people were posting my shoes and tagging me on social media. I got so many compliments. So it feels amazing to wear the new game shoe, the Air Jordan XXXIV. The shoe has a different type of swag. Being a guard, sprinting down the floor, especially on a fast break, you need shoes that are responsive and light. In my game, I cut so much. I cut in every direction, so I want to be comfortable and play as hard as I can.

Being part of the family and repping the game shoe is a dream come true for me. I’ve always been a fan of MJ, his game and his shoes. I love what the brand does for all players. It’s making history all the time, which is exciting. I look forward to wearing the 34 on the court!

The Air Jordan XXXIV Blue Void is available starting September 25 from SNKRS and select retailers.

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