French dancers, writers and choreographers Les Twins have forged recognition on the world stage through a highly original style born on the pavements of Paris.

Self-taught and highly tenacious, twin brothers Laurent and Larry can be seen touring with the highest paid African American musician in history, competing in world tournaments, and – as of last night – on national TV as the winners of a top-rating network competition.

In addition, Jordan Brand welcomes Les Twins to the family, as a dynamic addition to a roster of athletes and musicians built of greatness. Catching breath from their incredible primetime performance, Les Twins take a beat to interview one another about what it means to be Jordan.

Larry: What’s good in life right now?

Laurent: Everything. Where do I start? Winning a dance competition on a national TV network, appearing on primetime TV showing the world what we do best. Being in the studio creating our own music, and on top of all this —being signed by Jordan Brand. This is what dreams are made of. The Jordan Brand partnership has to be one of the most exciting things for us, I think.

Larry: I’ve been dancing in Js since the beginning. We’ve been wearing Jordans since before we could even speak English. Now, to have Jordan himself see us doing what we do best, but also recognize the drive and the passion we have when we dance and make us part of his family is incredible. There are no words in the English language to describe what we feel now.


Laurent: The values of the brand are close to our hearts. Failure has never stopped us from getting to where we are right now. There is no such thing as failure and there is no such thing as luck. You might fall, but you get back up and you continue to get back up until you reach your goal. Then you keep going. You can’t get comfortable with being the best, you have to stay the best.

Larry: We started from nothing. We were dancing in the streets of Paris. Every day we were told that dancing in the streets will lead us nowhere, that what we do is not hip-hop. We never let anything stop us; we knew where we were going. Even today there are still times we hear “no” or “you can’t do that, it’s impossible.” Nothing is impossible. If you let failure and hearing “no” stop you from pursuing your greatness, then you don’t want it bad enough.

Larry: If you had to break down our style for everyone reading AIR, how would you describe it?

Laurent: ‘Natural swag!’ Haha. But seriously: my style and your style, Larry, are so different, but what is the same is our demeanor when it comes to what we wear. You can’t really put it in a box. Our dance is more of a feeling, not easily categorized or explained. You just have to see it. If I had to try and describe it, it would be Paris fashion week mixed with early hip-hop, trend-setting, no barriers or rules with an athletic flair.

Laurent: What are some parallels between basketball and dance?

Larry: The amount of determination, passion and the drive it takes to build your skill to be the best. There are many good players, but only a select few can call themselves the best in both basketball and dance.

Larry: In what ways do basketball and dance both inspire community?
Laurent: Both basketball and dance give you an incredible outlet: They both can make you forget about what bad may be going on around you and keep your focus on playing the game or, in the case of dancing, hitting the beat. They both unite people in an incredible way. A team of individuals work as one.

The energy created around both basketball and dance makes the audience/fan feel the game/dance just as much as the person playing. Think about the energy in an arena when your favorite team is playing, or when you’re watching your favorite dancer perform onstage. A collective energy that can’t be described. It’s this energy I believe that inspires people all over the world. It’s a universal language.

Laurent: Why is competition so important in sport and dance?
Larry: Without competition there wouldn’t be anything driving you and pushing you to keep working harder to break barriers to be better every day. The competition between you and me is why we are now officially considered the best dancers in the world. My constant drive to outperform you and for you to outperform me has helped us master our craft. Competition keeps you on your toes, it doesn’t give you the chance to get comfortable. It makes you step up your game, every game. Every time.