Friends of Jordan Brand met up on a custom built court on the Warner Bros Studios lot for Space Jam. Photographer Christopher Parsons [@christopherparsons] was on hand to capture the event.

Don C: [@justdon] Designer, Retailer

What would you be rocking on the ultimate space mission?

“My 1985 flight jacket with the Nike swoosh on the front to let you know what year it’s from. I don’t know. Maybe the powder blue XI’s.”


“New vibes. We have to go space vibes.”

Where is the ultimate jam for you? Basketball court or music studio?

“Those are two different types of jams. Those are both the ultimate jam but some recording studios have basketball courts. That’s the ultimate jam.”

That’s a good answer.

“I’ve never been to a basketball court that has a recording studio. I’m going to roll with the recording studio. I know a couple that at least have a basketball goal. Not a full court, but a goal.”

Dreezy [@dreezydreezy] Writer, Vocalist + Rapper

What’s your ultimate idea of space?

“I would probably make it my world – stars everywhere. I like stars, I like the moon. I had a moon right next to my bed. You know, aliens, they would probably be pink.”

What shoe color way would you wear to space?

“I feel like white is the cliché? It’s fresh though. I would get the all white that would go to outer space and then some more pink. Maybe a little black. Then glow in the dark at the bottom.”

How would you style the XIs?

“It’s a casual shoe, so I feel like you can dress it up or down. We have the high top ones now. I wear my skinny legs with it. It depends on how I’m feeling. It’s neutral colors, black and white, so you can wear almost anything. It’s a comfortable shoe.”

Designer Allen Onyia [@allenonyia]

How do you style the XIs?

“I think the XIs are such a statement shoe, especially with the addition of patent leather. I would keep my look simple and let my kicks do the talking. I call that effortless style. I was the kid in middle school and high school that had every pair in every colorway.”

What’s your ultimate vision of space?

“Stars highlighted by purple, pink and blue hues submerged in darkness… the unknown.”

Most epic jam – basketball or music?

“Basketball all the way. Basketball is the reason why I stand here. It has made me the man I am today. It’s given me confidence, leadership and style. Basketball saved my life.”

Atiba Jefferson [@atibaphoto], Photograher, Skateboarder

What does the ultimate space mission look like?

“It would be super funky intergalactic, just way out there. It would be a whole other galaxy.”

Ultimate jam – basketball court or music studio?

“I’m a piano player. My ultimate jam would be music. I’m split 50/50 because I love basketball. I have a hoop at my house that me and my friends play on. It’s great for everybody. It’s on my driveway, so it’s a little bump and it’s easy to dunk. Music’s definitely… if we were talking about skateboarding, music is way up there.”

People know you as a skateboarder, but you’ve actually been a fan of the brand for years.

“Yeah, that’s the history that’s amazing about Jordan. The Jordan I was my very first skate shoe. It’s super funny, we started skating, and I remember I got one pair of shoes for the school year. I got Jordan 1s. I was like, ‘I want a pair of Jordan Is’. That’s just what was cool. That’s when I was 13, so 27 years ago.”

Kristina Fongwoo [@fongwoowoo], Model + Actress

How would you style the XI?

“I would do oversized everything. It’s such a classic shoe you kind have to just do real New York – oversized hoodie, cut off shorts and the XIs. Growing up I was a Jordan junkie for sure. Those are memories for me growing up – Jordans every Saturday and trying to put together the perfect outfit for them was one of my key experiences.

I’ve always been in between a boyish and girlish style. I  liked oversized everything when I was younger so Jordans were perfect for me.”

Basketball jam or music jam?

“I am all about music, growing up it was a staple in my home to play music for everything. I would jam out for hours. I’m also Carribbean so I love a mix of reggae, pop and hip hop.”

Brandon Williams: [@brandwills], Stylist

What’s your ultimate space mission?

“First of all, I would love to see if there’s life on Mars. I would love to go to the Moon. I think that they should definitely start letting people travel to the Moon as a way to rebuild the space program, and the space suits should be designed and styled by Jordan Brand.”

What would they look like?

“Actually, you know what? They would be all tonal. There would be two colorways, and it would be, when you’re going up to the moon, they would be the home whites. So everything would be lunar white, maybe mixed with some silver and some gold to resemble the USA component, and then when you’re coming back, it would be like the playoff, or like the away jerseys, and those would be a darker color, and then the intermediate point of the journey back home, you get to change into your third colorway, and that’s a deep red.”

There would be the XIs on the feet, and actually I would do special colorways, so I would have all white, kind of like the powder blue XI, and instead of the same treatment they did on the OVO XIIs, I would do on the XIs, as far as the sole. It’s that like clear with gold sparkles on there, and then the Jordan monogram would be gold. Then, for the aways, it would be all black, but instead of patent leather on the toe, it would be a suede.”

What is the ultimate jam? Basketball court or music studio?

“Definitely the basketball court. The basketball court has always been a place of calm for me. It’s the one time, the one part of my week or day that I can actually go do something for me and get lost in it. I can leave it all on the court. I love it. ”

What’s the soundtrack?

“I’d have a little bit of old school, like New Jack Swing.”

Vick Michel [@byvickmichel], Stylist

What’s your preferred type of space? 

“I like wide open space. In LA you have a lot of people that hike. There’s a canyon that’s amazing. You go up there and get that energy from the city, you oversee everything. You see downtown, from Santa Monica. It gives you that urge like, ‘You know what? I go to do something.’”

What would you be rocking in wide open space?

“Not to be biased, but I have a lot of Jordan stuff so I would wear my Jordan tights, probably some nice mid-size shorts. When I say that, basketball shorts are a little longer so I would say more like a trainer short, a runner’s short or something like that.”

What’s the ultimate jam for you? Basketball court or a music studio?

“The ultimate jam? It has to be the basketball court. I come from a basketball background so I used to play. Basketball is an amazing sport. There’s a lot of passion involved in there.”

Who’s your ultimate to jam with?

“Just all friends. It’s just all friends. People that work in the industry sometimes, if there’s other guys that feel like they still couldn’t play professionally and they want to get out there. It’s just a bunch of our friends get together and play against opposite teams.”

Jamil Hardwick [@_jamilhardwick_]

What is the ultimate jam? Basketball court or music studio?

“Basketball court.”

Do you remember your first pair of XIs?

“I got the jersey for Christmas. My dad scraped and saved and did what he could to get me the shoes to match, after telling me he couldn’t afford them.”

How often did you wear them?

“I had to keep them clean, so not too often. Just certain times. When I had a pair of shoes that were of that magnitude or stature to me, I was very selective when I wore them. Birthdays, important days.”

In terms of styling –  how do you rock the XIs now?

“One of the incredible things about the brand is you can dress it up or down. You could go in a sweatsuit. You could wear a pea coat or a sports coat or a vintage leather jacket and you’re always cool. In that way it transitions through all genres of clothing and styles.”