If the soul of a city is its people, then for Paris, the heartbeat is football. The great game is played out in the street, at community sportsgrounds, on radios and TV screens around the city and in the Paris Saint-Germain football stadium, Parc des Princes. The red and blue flag is a backdrop for Paris life, and the chant of supporters is the soundtrack.

Football is the thread of France’s social fabric, and to be Parisian is to support Paris Saint-Germain with a passion. Whichever side of the river you’re on, whether you live in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or amongst the tower blocks of the banlieues surrounding the city, football brings Parisians together. Their loyalty in France’s “game of the people” lies with Paris Saint-Germain, whose icons on the pitch are universally respected.

A new generation of Parisian talents are blending sport and style to rep their city in ways that only they know how. This cohort includes: a creative channeling the energy of the city into a limitless future, a rapper with bold lyrics (and even bolder swag), a young sportsman who lives and breathes his neighborhood on and off the basketball court, an urban biker who rides with style and a talented photographer who is challenging representations of where he comes from. They are all linked by a concrete sense of identity — of being rooted in their neighborhood and walking the asphalt they know so well with pride.

Get to know Lean Chihiro, Chine Thybaud, Théo of Pigalle, Amine Paris and Marvin Bonheur as they show us their neighborhoods and explain why, for them, the red and blue of Paris Saint-Germain will always be the colors that count.