When friends Danny, Shaq, Elias and Dexter got together to start a YouTube channel, they did it to build a community full of purpose, fun and inclusivity through fashion. In their videos, they take viewers on weekly adventure challenges, like how to start a street style trend or create a fire outfit with only £50. In less than two years, they’ve earned over 500k subscribers, and their channel has been referred to as “Top Gear for Hypebeasts.”

A big part of PAQ’s appeal is that they take a judgement-free approach to fashion, inspiring young people to appreciate their unique personal style. “Fashion is only the surface level of what we do at PAQ,” says DJ and PAQ member, Danny. “Yeah, we do challenges, but none of us are hardcore into fashion. It’s more about having fun with your mates.”

With episode topics ranging from facing their biggest fears to styling Aleali May for Paris Fashion Week, PAQ is encouraging people from all walks of life to challenge norms and support their communities.

Below, Danny, Shaq, Elias and Dexter talk PAQ and the new Jordan Proto-Max 720.

How do you describe PAQ to those who aren’t familiar?

Shaq: I think PAQ is something that was much needed for the upcoming generation. It creates a community through fashion, an industry where there’s a lot of prejudice, classism and colorism that goes on. PAQ breaks through those boundaries.

Elias: We created something that we hope and believe will last for generations. We have all sorts of people come up to us, from businessmen to young kids. It’s amazing to have a community that’s so inclusive, lighthearted and fun.

What do each of you individually bring to PAQ?

Danny: It wouldn’t be the same if we were four guys who looked and dressed the same. I bring a love for heritage clothing. Shaq shows how to give a high-fashion twist to your everyday style. Elias is very early 2000s R&B, while Dex is into dark rap and is very underground. You’d never put us all together, but it works!

Shaq: Collectively, PAQ demonstrates how well people from different backgrounds, nationalities and experiences can come together and be friends.

What have you guys learned from doing the show?

Dexter: When we started PAQ, I was in a bit of a low place. For me, it’s been about showing people how to stay positive by expressing yourself with confidence and by being unapologetic.

Shaq: One of the things I’ve learned the most is patience — giving time for things to grow and time for things to change. As long as time exists, you’ll always need patience at some point.

Elias: One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that there are people who will truly love you if you just be yourself.

Would you say there’s a specific “London style?”

Shaq: It depends what part of London you’re from. London is so diverse. From my experience, there are millions of people in London, and people get inspired by everybody. Tracksuits have made it to runways.

Danny: For me, coming from outside of London, there’s no uniform, but you can definitely tell a million miles off that someone is from London.

Dexter and Elias from PAQ

When you guys saw the Jordan Proto-Max 720s for the first time, what were your thoughts?

Shaq: I thought it was very futuristic and innovative for Jordan to do a whole new silhouette.

Dexter: I like the air bubble, it’s sick. I like the strap on the back that says JUMPMAN. They’re very comfortable and steezy.

Elias: It’s cool how the shoe incorporates different utility elements like the mesh, the bubble, the strap and the coordinates on the side. The little details made it for me. You look at the crepe, and you know it’s cozy.

How would you individually style the Jordan Proto-Max 720s?

Shaq: Maybe with a bit of utility wear… that would be sick. I’d wear them with leather trousers that have a lot of pockets.

Dexter: Black always, with layers — some renewed, military-inspired clothing.

Danny: I’d incorporate a lot of tech wear like we did for our shoot, just some futuristic fabrics.

Danny and Shaq from PAQ

The Jordan Proto-Max 720 is now available on Jordan.com and at select retailers.

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