When Rui Hachimura signed to Jordan Brand, he shared his excitement for joining the family alongside some of his favorite athletes. Soon after, he became a face of the Air Jordan XXXIV and starred in the UNITE film series. For the 2019-2020 season, he’s repping the new game shoe in exclusive player edition (PE) styles.

Of the AJXXXIV, Rui says: “The design of the Air Jordan XXXIV is great. It’s what I always imagined basketball shoes would look like in the future. The shoe is simple and not too crazy, and the materials fit well on my feet. I play using both my size and speed, so it’s good that these feel very light, like I can barely feel them. They’re made so that a bigger player like me can still move fast. The interior of the shoe is as good as the exterior.”

Here is a running list of Rui’s PEs, inspired by his heritage, family and team colors, that will be updated throughout the season.

Air Jordan XXXIV “Heritage”

7/29/20: To thank fans for their continued support, Jordan Brand released limited pairs of the Air Jordan XXXIV “Heritage” on July 31, a makeup inspired by Rui’s cultural background and family. “I wanted to express my heritage through this PE, being half Japanese and half African,” explains Rui of the vibrant patterns, cherry blossoms and waves. “I incorporated [the concept] from the suit I wore for the draft, where half of the lining was Japanese, and the other half was African.”

Each shoe has the national flags of Benin and Japan juxtaposed with other personal details. “Japan has its own culture, colors, materials and prints, and so does Africa,” says Rui. “The right shoe has unique characters, and the upper material feels like Japanese paper or washi. The logo was created by my mom. The left shoe has colors and prints inspired by Benin, which are bright, loud and composed.”

“I think the shoe expresses both cultures well,” adds Rui. “The design is also about my family, which is very important to me, as we’ve gone through a lot together. I push myself because of my family.”

Air Jordan XXXIV “Cool Grey” PE


7/27/20: The Air Jordan XXXIV “Cool Grey” PE pays homage to Rui’s college basketball team.

Air Jordan XXXIV “Hachikō” PE

2/21/20: The Air Jordan XXXIV “Hachikō” PE is inspired by the heartwarming story of a Japanese Akita dog.