Jordan Brand honors local leaders in Chicago today, kicking-off its campaign of “RE2PECT Above All”.

Inspired by Derek Jeter, who set the blueprint for how to give and earn respect on and off the field, the concept has evolved into a mindset across the Jordan Brand family.

As the brand honors Chicago heroes for their commitment to helping the community pursue greatness, the poet Harold Green puts his thoughts to paper.

RESPECT – by Harold Green

Respect is an abstract concept, just like love. It can mean 10 different things if you ask 10 different people.

But what does respect look like? Respect for the youth looks like nurturing human shells until they turn into little black pearls. Teaching them to see beauty, so they can bring beauty into this world.

Respect for the community looks like turning a slogan into a lifestyle. If you listen carefully you can hear them chanting ‘hugs, no slugs’ in the background.

Respect for the craft looks like turning the nine to five into the Fakeshore Drive, making a bridge and building a ladder so that the city can climb.

Respect for the game, looks like the legacy for a name, forever immortalized in a city that has short-term memory and long-term goals.

But when you plant your feet, and bury your roots deep in these Chicago streets, you strike gold. When you’re not just in it for a Milwaukee Buck.

The DNA for a champion like father love son. Respect Chicago basketball royalty when you see it. The park as kingsman, respect this city and what it has birthed but never hiding its hand or downplaying its worth.

The city that gives you all four seasons, sometimes in one day. You can never say it’s changed. That’s what’s constant here, change. Respect it, embrace it, reflect it. Respect is growth. To know you can still bloom in the spring even if the winter is 20 below.

Respect the hustle. For its persistence, for its push back and resistance the city makes you tougher. Respect the mindset to grow up in the projects to overseeing million dollar projects to have no resources but now you’re the bloke that generated the light switch.

Respect this space it’s a tight fit respect ain’t never been for sale but you gotta pay your dues. Respect is not wins or losses, it’s how you win or lose. Respect doesn’t have a face – but it looks like you.

Jordan Brand celebrates the following Chicago community members today:

Aleta Clark – Community Activist/Founder of ‘Hugs No Slugs’

Andrew Barber – Creator of Fake Shore Drive

Jabari Parker – 4x Illinois high school basketball Champion, high school All-American, NBA player, member of the Jordan Brand family

Justin Johnson – Founder of ‘Kicks For The City’

Kevin Coval – Director of Young Chicago Authors/Founder of Louder Than A Bomb

Monica Haslip – Founder of Little Black Pearl

Sonny Parker – Founder of the Sonny Parker Foundation, Chicago basketball legend