“I grew up in south central LA, heavily influenced by hip hop culture and basketball culture. You had to have Jordans. I wore a uniform so your shoes had to be the standout piece. So we would go to Baldwin Hills, Crenshaw Plaza and go and cop the latest Jordans. It’s always been in my DNA, I guess before I could understand it.

My favorite Jordans are the Jordan Is. Obviously they’re a staple, I love the silhouette. I have a petite body – my thing is fashion and what looks best on different body types. It’s always a good go-to – you could wear it with a tee shirt and jeans, you could dress it up, dress it down. It’s honestly the perfect silhouette – for a girl and in general. They look great on guys too.

I think it’s really cool to see other girls wear them and they’ll tag me and say ‘I got my Aleali May swag right now’ and that always includes a pair of Jordan I’s. I guess that’s cool cause I never thought I’d be influencing other girls; that’s crazy. People were a fan of me because I used to dress like a boy. I used to get made fun of and stuff like that. Now, to see that girls want to dress like me, it’s the total opposite but I’m super grateful for it.”

“For me, sneakers and jackets that have always been key pieces in an  outfit. So if you want dress up a Jordan I you can wear it with a nice overcoat, or you can wear all black. The black overcoat, like a pea coat with a simple tee shirt or a graphic tee shirt.

I rock my AJ I’s usually with a nice pair of cargo pants and a bomber jacket. To make it a bit more girlie I’ll put on a bodysuit underneath. With a regular tee shirt and jeans always looks good, otherwise. If you want to spice it up a little bit add a cute jean jacket.”