Photos: @asphaltchronicles

Earlier this year, Russell Westbrook debuted his Why Not? apparel collection, a way of sharing his off-court style in seasonal capsules. Named after his well-known mantra, Why Not? represents Westbrook’s fearlessness as both an athlete and a designer. “If I have a challenge, I run at it, not away from it,” says Westbrook.

For the second Why Not? collection, the new Jordan Westbrook 0.3 and the new Jordan Why Not ZER0.1 Low, Westbrook was inspired by summertime memories in his hometown of Los Angeles. For the apparel, he handpicked premium, heavyweight fabrics and applied floral prints, ‘90s uniform graphics, and—of course—the phrase, Why Not?, to seven pieces.

We caught up with Russ at the Jordan Fall ’18 Media Preview during Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

What do you like about being in Paris?

I first came to Paris three or four years ago. I’m so excited every time I come here. The city, the excitement and the people are all great. I always have a good time. I try to get some time to myself so I can go around, see the Eiffel Tower — the normal things.

What is it like designing new Jordan Westbrook product during the season?

It’s fun. I love designing. I love sitting down and going through a bunch of swatches and picking materials. It’s a joy, and I embrace it.

How is the process of designing your Why Not? apparel different?

It’s center stage for me. It’s something new for me. To have my own line, and to be creative in building it, is taking a step in an impossible zone. I’m going to keep trying to create distinction while doing it. The fit, how it feels, and how people wear it is always important to me.

I’m very involved. I sit down from day one picking out fabrics and thinking about fit and comfort — trying to find new ways to change the game. Jordan has been around and understands what it needs and what it takes. People like myself are trying to figure out how to push things in the apparel space.

What’s your favorite piece from the new Why Not? floral collection?

You know what? I’d say the sweat suit. Definitely the sweat suit.

How was your new Westbrook 0.3 lifestyle shoe inspired by Los Angeles?

There’s a combination of a lot of different trends, as well as my memories of growing up in LA and the city itself. I wanted it to be a comfortable shoe that kids in the culture could wear everyday. We kept it simple so that you can wear it with everything.

What about your new performance shoe, the Why Not ZER0.1 Low?

I played in the high top this past season. It was great. I got a lot of great feedback. It was something new for on-court sneakers. I’m excited to keep it going. The goal is really to continue to find ways to bring more stories to the brand through design.

The Why Not? apparel collection is available starting Holiday ‘18. The Jordan Westbrook 0.3 is available starting Holiday ‘18. The Why Not ZER0.1 Low is available in black starting July 1 from select retailers.