To Russell Westbrook, style has never been purely about the way you dress. According to the reigning MVP, style is your swag, where you come from, and what you have to say.

Westbrook’s rule-breaking style inspired his “Why Not?” apparel collection. “I love storytelling using different ideas and fabrics in new ways,” he says of the design process. “I’m always trying to figure out how I can change the culture or push the brand in new directions.”

Just as Westbrook is charting a new path for apparel off the court, he also continues to push boundaries on the court – now as just the second player in history to have 15 triple-doubles in three consecutive seasons.

In speaking about his recent achievements, Westbrook returns to the roots of his infamous motto ‘Why Not?’. “My friends and I created ‘Why Not?’ all the way back in high school,” he says. “It’s a mantra I live by. On and off the court, if I have a challenge, I run at it, not away from it.” His fearlessness has been key to his success, as we saw when he won the MVP award last season.

When asked about whose style inspires him the most, Westbrook answers right away. “My mom is my style icon,” he says. “She always kept my brother, my dad, and me fresh and up to par. She would buy me and my brother whatever was new, that we could afford, including twin outfits. I can always call to ask her opinion on things. She was always swagged out and has the best sense of style, to this day.”

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