Over the next couple of weeks, New York-based photographer Sean Dougherty is heading out on tour with Jumpman with stops in Italy, China and the US.

His first real trip outside the Americas, Sean will be posting updates live from the tour on AIR, in addition to taking over the @Jumpman23 feed on Instagram.

What are you looking forward to most on this tour?

Really excited to meet all these Jordan athletes out there. Super excited to work with them; it’s been like a dream to photograph some of these people. So now that I’m actually getting the opportunity to be do so, it doesn’t quite feel real yet.

There’s a photographer I used to talk to who used to shoot dance, and she would always tell me about why she loved shooting dancers, because of the movement. And when you shoot, especially professionals, they all have this perfect form. It should be a lot of fun, a lot of good energy flowing, and it always makes for great photos.

Is there a specific aspect you’re wanting to capture while you’re away? Something you want to develop in your body of work?

Doing some research and seeing the architecture in Italy, I’m excited to shoot the way I do here in New York, but taking that same street style, and incorporating it with these community shots, and different architecture.

Jordan culture in New York is so predominant; you can’t walk down the block without seeing somebody in a pair of J’s. I’m excited to see that whole community side of things again over in Italy, I think that’s going to make for some really incredible images.

Some of the pictures I’m the most excited to take is the community over there – the absolute die-hard fans. To be able to capture that emotion in a totally new environment is something that I’m super-looking forward to.

What are you packing?

I have a lot of gear right now that I’ve been sorting through, moving things around, and trying to figure out what I should bring. I’m going to be doing a lot of the double exposures that I do, or giving that a shot at least out there, with some different film cameras. I’m bringing some instant cameras from the ’70s and I have some medium format.

I also have to show up a little bit fresh. I’ve packed some heat in the suitcase,  I think I’m good!

To follow Sean’s travels stay locked to AIR and @Jumpman23