The second installment from photographer @Seandshoots as he continues his tour with Jordan Brand, moving through Taiwan and on to China with Russell Westbrook. 



1-2: Gazing out over the Shanghai skyline from our hotel the night we arrived. One of the most beautiful skylines I’ve ever seen.

3: The following day I was able to explore a bit which is when I took this image. Scooters were definitely the move in Shanghai. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to ride one.

4, 5: The climb before the shot. This was the inside of the building from the next image, taken from ground level before going up.

6:  Russ playing around moments before he initiated the game with the jump ball.

7: Confetti fell from the ceiling as everyone celebrated the MVP. So much excitement from the locals to see their hero in their home.

8: Exploring the streets and alleys of Taipei the morning we landed. Everyone kept apologizing for the rain. I didn’t mind because it made for great photos.


9: Russell during a quiet moment before his “Why Not?” Fashion show started. Here he watches as the models walked the runway in his designs during a pre show rehearsal.

10-11: On our last basketball event I shot some medium format film. Here are two back to back images of Russ as he celebrated one of the players making a winning shot in a three point competition.

12: Closed the trip out with the chance to pop off a few polaroid peel apart images of Russ on my camera.

13: Russ soaking it all in as the crowd behind cheers him on.

14-15: Russ after checking out the Jordan booth at the YoHood convention. This image was shot soon after the next of his Why Not? long sleeve flying above the top floor of the booth.

16: The court before the ‘Commit to Win’ night in Shanghai.

17: A little rain couldn’t stop us. After Russ hit the courts with the locals we pulled up to the after party. The “Why Not?” Installment sat on top of the Jordan retail store which had a great view of the Taipei 101.