All eyes in the basketball world are on New Orleans this weekend for an annual celebration of the game and its best players, culminating in a starry constellation of a game tonight.

It’s an annual ritual for some in the Jordan family. For others, it’s their first opportunity to rep their team and their conference. 

Kemba Walker makes his debut this year and took a minute to give thought to what it means to shine on court in NOLA today.

What does it mean to be selected to represent your conference in the big game?

“It’s a dream come true. Never in a million years did I think I’d be here and I’m really excited for the whole experience.”

How’s it feel to know you’ll be hitting the court with some of the other Jordan family members?

“I’m excited to be there with those guys you know, we’re pretty close. Kawhi and I were in the same draft class so it’s been cool to come up together and I’m excited to share the stage with them.”

The Brand’s story for the weekend is ‘Gotta Shine’. What does that mean to you?

“To me, ‘Gotta Shine’ means just being yourself, shining in your own way. That’s the only way you can shine, just being you.”

What’s the most unexpected skill that helps you shine?

“My character. Being able to have positive vibes and keeping the people around me in a good space and mindset. When things are going wrong with someone, I have the ability to get them back on the right path and the task that’s ahead of us.”

Who do you ‘Gotta Shine’ for?

“I ‘Gotta Shine’ for a lot of people, you know my family, the city of New York, the Bronx and the fans.”

Check Kemba shining bright on-court in New Orleans tonight.