For a brand engineered around a rich design legacy and premium performance, evolving its vision is no light task.

On the eve of the unveil of the Jordan Fall ’17 apparel collection, the brand’s VP of Design, David Creech, gives insight into his approach to the next incarnation of a category born of legend.

What’s the idea behind the future of Jordan apparel?

“The Jordan Brand stands for greatness, and our job is to unleash the Michael Jordan in everyone. In design, that means obsessing the entire design experience –  we’re thinking about apparel in a whole new way.

Inspired by our past, and designing for our future – it’s about creating a new design language for Jordan apparel.”

Ok, no pressure. How do you start something like this, what’s the process?

“We wanted to create a world, or environment, that could be experienced differently. It started with a concept. And for us, in Jordan, we have an amazing vault of heritage designs.

For this collection, the story comes from the flight lines in the iconic ’85 Wings jacket that MJ wore. The team took those lines and obsessed the right silhouette for our consumer – how it fits, feels, and functions. Then we scripted it through the collection by making a statement with our most commonly worn colors – black and white.”

What’s the story behind the theme of this collection?

“Keep it simple. The team drew inspiration from the flight lines in the Wings jacket and obsessed every detail to bring the collection to life. Fit, form, function. Even the branding and color was considered – creating a new world of Jordan apparel.”

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