The Air Jordan 11 has come to represent greatness for Jordan Brand. What started as a premium, high-gloss game shoe has now been extended into a chic makeup for women in stingray, leather and gold – the PRM Heiress.

Below, we talk to some of the brand’s long-time aficionados about how they style the Air Jordan 11.

Images by Christopher Parsons, styling by Aleali May. Many thanks to April Roomet,  Jasmine Jordan, Kristen Noel Crawley and Cleopatra Lee for their interviews.

The Air Jordan 11 Heiress will be available 11/24 at 10am ET at


What was your process when you started to think about styling the Heiress 11 for this shoot?

“The shoe is a perfect play on a classic silhouette. The bottom is shaped like a lot of army combat boots so it kind of plays on that but it’s also mixed with a running shoe. I wanted to pair bulkier pieces with it to create that army aesthetic.”

Usually when I think of 11s I think of Sportswear – sweats, basketball shorts. I feel the 11s would be good with leggings and scrunch socks as well, or a pleated skirt. Not a common look, something a bit more next level.”

People associate the Jordan 11 with greatness. What are you striving towards right now?

Greatness takes a lot of time and patience. Everything I’ve been working on – designing, styling or modeling – how can I push forward? Yesterday I heard a quote which was amazing. It said ‘If you’re fighting, you’re winning. The moment you give up is the moment you lose the battle.'”


How would you style the Heiress 11?

“Looking at the texture and the sheen on this shoe, it’s definitely a little bit more elevated. I’m a firm believer in mixing tomboy and chic so that’s my whole thing. Mixing sporty stuff with a dress or a funky oversized poncho with leather.

The texture [of the shoe] gives it a whole other life. Normally that shoe is very sporty but this designer feeling definitely takes it up a notch and – it’s fun to and mix different leathers and textures and girly moments.”



What’s the best fit for the AJ 11 Heiress?

“I’ve been wearing 11s since I was a baby. Today when I wear 11s, I’m definitely rocking jeans. Or if I need to dress them up, I’ll wear a tulle skirt or off-the-shoulder shirt to make them more girly but still street.”

What is the best path towards achieving greatness?

“I love hearing my Dad’s stories about when he felt like throwing in the towel, but then he turned that into motivation. Sometimes failure is necessary.”



How would you accessorize the 11 Heiress?

“With a shirt skirt or shift dress. I have an amazing vintage dress that’s a rich oxblood color with patent leather. These are perfect with a nice choker and earrings, something with a sparkle! When I wear sneakers I also need to feel like a lady.”

Tell us about what striving for greatness means to you.

“Every day when I wake up, I want to be better than yesterday. I’m currently working on my own beauty line [KNC Beauty] and hoping it will be successful and I’m trying to put all the finishing touches in place.”


What’s an unexpected accessory for the 11?

“It would be my furry mini backpack. This backpack is just dressy enough, just like the Heiress.”

What’s the approach to styling this Heiress 11?

“All kinds of black jeans. Rips, solids, laces on sides – you name it. I wouldn’t want to ruin the shoe with any crazy colors – keeping it simple is where it’s at for the shoe.”

What are you striving for in 2017?

“I’m working on building my brand “Cleopatra’s Army”, making sure I get all the small details right about running a business before I try to make any major moves. I’m striving to be a mogul when it’s all said and done.”