A sneakerhead from early years, Ava Nirui is known for her unconventional approach to fashion. She has styled around the Air Jordan 13s – check out her interview and images below.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi hello, my name is Ava. I am an Australian living in New York City. I like customizing sneakers, trolling people, the internet, my mom, aggressive music, mind-numbingly vacuous reality television, people watching, crime podcasts and bleaching my hair till it falls out.

Where did sneaker culture fit in when you were growing up?

I have a brother who is eight years older than me. When I was a school kid in the 90s, he was a teenager who would simultaneously bully me and rock the flyest kicks daily. The first time I was really exposed to sneaker/streetwear culture was through my brother. Shout out to my big bro.

How is sneaker culture in Australia?

Releases are less available in Australia. So, people have to dedicate a lot more time and energy to getting the sneakers they want. If you’re able to secure that limited release, other sneakerheads will have mad respect for you. But in general, it’s really expensive and difficult to cop sneakers, which is very different to New York city, where everything is more accessible.


Talk about a time you kicked ass in your Jordans.

When I was 14, I had this dream to be a famous basketball player — to mix it up among the NBA’s greatest. But in a game dominated by giants with unparalleled athletic abilities, my diminutive stature and limited skills made this a far-off fantasy. Or was it? After I laced up a mysterious pair of old sneakers inscribed with the faded initials ‘MJ’, I made the leap from playground hijinks to NBA superstardom.

Let’s talk about your style.

My style is undefined. I dress according to mood. Most of the time, I wear whatever is on the floor of my bedroom. I like breaking up feminine outfits with Jordans because I’m a bit of a tomboy. I also like the contrast between sporty and girly.

Do you dress the same for day vs. night?

Yes. I don’t really wear heels or anything. I wear the same fit day/night because why should the time of day dictate what you wear?!

What is it about the AJ 13s that you like?

They’re really comfy!! And they’re the best Jordan silhouette in my opinion.