Illustration: @SomeHoodlum

“The Grail” is a series paying tribute to the prized, coveted status of the Air Jordan XI Concord. First worn on MJ’s feet in 1995, the shoe has transcended the court to become not just a lifestyle classic but an icon worthy of any court, field or stage. Here, Jamal Adams gives his take on what makes the XI Concord a must-have sneaker.

“I remember the first time I stood outside, in line, and waited for the Concords to be released. It was in 2011. My parents thought I was crazy to go through it, but I did it anyway, and I was so excited. My friend’s older cousin said that we would get the shoes. He promised us, like it was no question. Supposedly, we already had our ticket in line and whatnot. We ended up pulling an all-nighter and waited in the car for about six hours, man. When the doors opened, we found out that my older cousin was the only one who got the shoes. I was definitely bummed out about it.

“I got ‘em now, though! The shoe is just so unique, man. Not only is it a fashion statement, it has so much history. I’ll wear it with some Jordan socks and shorts in the summer, or some sweats and a big coat in the winter. The purple outsole is everything for me. It’s the shoe I’ve always looked up to, in a way, as far as being one of my favorite shoes of all time.”

—Jamal Adams

The Air Jordan XI Concord is available globally on SNKRS and at select retailers starting December 8. Learn more about the Air Jordan XI on Jordan Collection.