Leikeli47 [@leikeli47] is an emcee and producer whose music has launched shows for New York Fashion Week, campaigns for high end fashion labels and collaborations with the world’s most notorious hip hop artists.

Rarely seen without her signature mask, Leikeli wants to be judged on her skill without any distraction. On the eve of the drop of the Heiress Collection, Leikeli talks about creative life lessons and the J’s that make her feel like a superhero.

What does Jordan mean to you?

“I see this confidence and style in most kids I came up with. Jordans don’t only speak on the court but in neighborhoods across the world. I think that’s awesome.”

You’re an ex basketball athlete. How did you work out you wanted to do music?

“Music has always been my thing. I couldn’t escape it if I wanted to. Where I come from, sports and music are almost one and the same. It gets you pumped pre game and can help you celebrate post game.”

Your mask has a super hero vibe. Is there a pair of J’s that make you feel invincible when you wear them?

“I would have to say my black cement III’s. They’re one of my favorites. I wear them with almost everything. I’m low key semi known in my neighborhood as ‘the girl who wears the III’s’.”

This collection is called the Heiress. What kind of messages have you inherited from Jordan that you would share? 

“To bet on yourself. Invest in yourself. Be fearless, make the necessary sacrifices, and do it [even if you’re] afraid. Never be scared of anything.

Achieving any level greatness takes a certain type sacrifice but sacrifice can also leave you in solitary. Some would say I’ve missed out on a lot chasing this dream but the difference between them and me is that I’ve never had a problem with standing alone.”

What will your legacy be?

“One of love and resilience. Toughness and self discipline. No matter where you are in life, it will never be too late to start over.”

What makes the ultimate Jordan heiress? 

“Love, hard work, patience, and confidence.”

Lastly, tell us about your next project. 

“I’m excited about my next musical installments. The “Wash & Set” series is coming and “disc 1” is set to release in January. It’s an attitude and I hope the people like it.”