For the first time, Anna Wintour’s “AWOK” signature — her stamp of approval for countless Vogue pages — is on an Air Jordan. Two, actually. The AJ1 High Zip and AJ3 AWOK were conceptualized by Jordan designers and Vogue editors, who “edited” both silhouettes as if they were an issue of the magazine. A collaboration that began at the Vogue offices in New York City is now a coveted product for stylish women around the world.

To commemorate the project, we asked women in the creative and fashion industries to explain the significance of the Jordan x Vogue collaboration.

Aleali May: Stylist, Model, Creative & Jordan Brand Collaborator

“You can’t think of fashion without Vogue. You can’t think of basketball without Jordan. Both foundations are built from the love of their game. Growing up in America, and being in fashion for styling and modeling, I know that the AWOK and Jumpman stamps are one in the same. Both are heavy-hitting, keen on detail and guaranteed to tell a personal story of triumph.

“The classic red colorway and premium leather make the AJ1 buttery. The AJ1 is not only a pivotal shoe in the history of basketball and sneakers, it’s a sleek silhouette that you can dress up — with a suit, dress or skirt — or dress down in tech pants. The AJ3 resembles the iconic tweed fabrics from high-end runways and also represents Anna Wintour’s classic style. Both elevate the classic Air Jordan silhouettes with the high fashion touch.

“The AWOK stamp means serious business, and she did not come to play. This collaboration represents two GOATs collaborating at such an important time for high-end and street fashion.”

Melody Ehsani: Designer & Founder of Melody Ehsani

“The Jordan x Vogue collaboration is one of those things that you would dream about as a kid. The ‘hood and sports have always informed high fashion. It always starts from the streets and moves up to the runway. To have it finally done officially just means that there is enough evidence of this in the world to create a cultural shift. It also acknowledges that enough women have interest and spending power to be catered to in this way.

“On the AJ1, I love the keychain tag on the zipper. It’s very nostalgic. On the AJ3, I love the heel tab with the transparent black piece that nods to Anna’s sunglasses. It’s always the details that get me.”

Ava Nirui: Artist, Designer & Helmut Lang Digital Editor

“The Jordan x Vogue collaboration represents the closing gap between streetwear and high fashion. It also shows how sneaker culture has become super integrated into the lives of women, whereas historically, women were somewhat excluded from this conversation. 

“Anna stamping these cements them as an important item in the history of fashion. They have the ‘OK’ from the ultimate tastemaker.

“The future of fashion is streetwear/sneaker culture.”

Sasha de Oliveira: Stylist & Creative Director

“Jordan Brand and Vogue collaborating is pretty major. Anna and MJ are both total legends in their respective fields. I just love how these two worlds can come together to create something for both audiences to enjoy.

“Both shoes are extremely versatile in how they can be worn. In my own style, the AJ1 is the shoe I love to dress up or down. I love how they can complete the look, whether it’s Virgil rocking them on the Met carpet, kids wearing them downtown to skate or on the court.

“I like the cream color choice for the AWOK AJ1s the most. I would say that the AJ3 is a more direct nod to fashion through the tweed fabric and how the back symbolizes her sunglasses. So sick!”

The Air Jordan III SE AWOK will be available in North America starting September 7 on SNKRS and at select retailers. Learn more about the Jordan x Vogue collaboration here.