Photos: Jamal Burger and Serge Kirsanov

It’s difficult for anyone to activate personal growth if they don’t know their value. Yet a simple, two-word question can help everyone in the process of discovering their potential: Why not? Russell Westbrook has used the motivational phrase throughout his record-setting ascension in the NBA, and he shares the message far and wide. He wears it on his clothing and writes it on his signature Why Not? shoes, too, with colorways that tell his story and encourage people to be themselves.

Russ has made it known that he’s most influenced by his family, close friends and community. Timed to the release of new Why Not? apparel and the Why Not Zer0.3, which features his family crest on the inside of the tongue, we asked Russ and his family to define Why Not in the context of Russ’ journey

Russell Westbrook

“Why Not? is a mindset that I live my life by. It defines how I play, how I dress and how my signature products come to life. I want it to inspire kids all over the world to think, ‘Why not me?’ and help them achieve what doubters will never imagine they can do.”

Russell Westbrook, Sr.
Russ’ dad

“Why Not? means that every kid and every human being can go for their goals. I taught Russ to move forward and keep everything focused on your dreams. His goal was always to do better.”

Shannon Westbrook
Russ’ mom

“Why Not? means you can achieve whatever you want in life. Russ was a great kid. He was smart, he listened and he was always focused.”

Ray Westbrook
Russ’ brother

“Why not be great? It’s just a model that you’ve got to live by and stand by. Growing up where we’re from, you need to have a ‘Why Not?’ mindset to be able to get certain places in life.”

Noah Whitney
Russ’ best friend

“Why Not? is a mentality. It encourages anybody who uses the motto to just push through anything. Russ has been using ‘Why Not?’ for a long time. [Back then], he was thinking, ‘Why not me? Why can’t I go to UCLA, be an all-defensive player and then go to the NBA and average a triple-double for multiple years?’”

Ben Earl
Russ’ brother-in-law

“Why Not? is a lifestyle. If you want something done, all you need is to do the work. It’s as simple as that. Russ’ incredible work ethic, his poise to accomplish his goals and his desire to overachieve are what separate him.”

Continuing the tradition started on the WNZ.1, a family-inspired WNZ.3 colorway will release in full family sizing on January 9, 2020 on and at select retailers.