Houston-born rapper, singer and songwriter Travis Scott rocks hard in his J’s on tour. Below, he explains how he chose to customize the Trunner and why he leaves a show without shoes sometimes.

How do you choose kicks to wear on stage?

“However I’m feeling at the time or whatever I had on from earlier in the day.”

What’s the story behind the color way?

“I didn’t want to do anything traditional. I’ve never seen the Trunner with so many colors on it.  I wanted something different; to see that model differently.”

What’s the next place you’ll be rocking the ‘Cactus Jack’?

“Not sure. I gave my pair away to a kid who followed my car 30 blocks to the venue. He was waiting after the show. I had to give him something – I signed them and handed them right over to him. He earned them. Reggie I need more pairs!”

What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened at a gig wearing J’s?

“I would say it was at a show I did in Portland. I had everyone raise their shoes up and I gave a pair of my AJ4s I was wearing off my feet to a kid who I thought had the best Jordans.”

Catch Travis Scott in a city near you as the tour continues through September 2017.