Sixteen-year-old French player Killian Hayes made his first trip to the Jordan Brand Classic in New York this year, going through to win the co-MVP title of the competition.

Hayes’ first trip to the Classic was also his first trip to New York – he shares his photo diary. Click on the images below to read about some of his best memories from the trip.

What were your first impressions of New York?

This was my first trip to New York. The city is way more impressive when you’re walking through the streets. This picture shows my first time walking in the streets of New York. My most ‘New York’ moments definitely involved traffic!

What was the best view of  the trip?

The best view of new York was the training center from the court. It was amazing to see Madison Square Garden – so much has happened there. The Barclay Center was the first NBA arena I’ve been in and played in.

Did anything  unexpected happen?

The most unexpected thing about the trip was seeing MJ [Michael Jordan]. We knew we were going to see him, but it was still a surprise. Ray Allen was the most inspiring person I met because he gave us advice on how to become great through consistency.

What memories do you walk away with you will never forget?

This trip to Jordan Brand Classic means a lot – being invited by the greatest brand in the world to play basketball and also getting to show myself to NBA scouts and other coaches.I’ll never forget getting the opportunity to play in an NBA arena, winning co MVP of the international showcase or getting advice from NBA stars. These are moments I’ll always remember.