Last year, Jordan Brand introduced UNITE, a film series about the unifying power of basketball culture. Today, the next film debuts, starring Chinese actress Elaine Zhong, who was filmed in Portland, Oregon after a recent trip to Nike World Headquarters.

Elaine Zhong is an artist’s artist. The 26-year-old originally studied dance at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, where her instincts led her to try theater instead. Her pivot to acting quickly paid off with several roles and awards that have made her a respected figure in Chinese film and television.

In this UNITE film, Elaine talks about the importance of women uniting with one another, while wearing pieces from the new Jordan Women’s Flight Utility Apparel capsule.

Below is an English translation of Elaine’s narration from the UNITE film.

Every woman is the leading actress in her own life. Striving for the role you want to live for. Infusing it into your consciousness to become a part of you, to complete yourself. As women, we should have the confidence to believe in ourselves. To support each other. To embrace our differences. Together, we will be stronger than ever.

Look forward to more UNITE films in the coming months.