Skateboarder Josh Velez [Wavey Dada] is doing what most Jordan collectors would see as the unthinkable: he skates in his Js in the raw streets of New York City.

Check out Wavey’s footage below as he skates in a selection of Jordan x Gatorade gear and a few AJ 1s from his collection.

How many pairs of Js do you have?

I probably have about 60-70 pairs. The first job I had, I’d get my check at the end of the week and blow it all on shoes. I was living with my mom so I didn’t really care. I have shoes from when I was 16. I’m 29 now, so it’s been piling up.

I had Jordans when I was a kid, every once in a while. But I wasn’t really getting them until I had my own money, until I got my first job and I could buy them on my own.

Is it harder to skate in Js?

Some you can skate in fresh out the box and others take some breaking in, just like any shoe. I definitely wouldn’t skate in them if I was gonna go out there and suck.

You’ve been skating in the AJ 6 and the AJ 1, styles that sit higher on the ankle.

I’ve always liked higher shoes. I used to roll my ankle as a kid. I feel sturdier in a high top.

Tell us about these 1s in this clip from your video for Inkwell Commons.

Yeah that was me just beginning to skate in all my shoes. I’m going to skate in all Jordans for the rest of my life.

I have so many pairs of shoes, I don’t really have the time to wear them all and I don’t want them just to collect dust so it’s super sick to be able to film in them, and look back on them like ‘Wow, I had those, I did something cool with them.’

Jordans are forever. People are gonna wear those no matter what’s popular. That’s just a staple in sneakers anywhere, anytime.

Check out select clips from Wavey’s Inkwell Commons part below – click here for the full video.