At 20 years old, Luka Dončić has already uprooted his life twice, garnered fans across the globe and helped his home country, Slovenia, win its first FIBA Intercontinental Cup championship. Along the way, he earned the EuroLeague’s MVP award in 2018 and the NBA Rookie of the Year award in 2019. Today, he officially joins Jordan Brand family.

Throughout Luka’s early life, basketball was always present. By six years old, he was on a mission to win against anybody he faced. At 13, he signed to one of Europe’s premier clubs, and at 16, he started playing in Spain, where the press nicknamed him “Wonder Boy,” a reflection of his incredible talent. In 2018, he was the third overall pick in the NBA Draft.

Luka’s advanced timeline and accolades aren’t the only remarkable part of his story. Listed at 6’7” and roughly 230 pounds, he’s the size of a small forward but has the senses of a point guard and shooting capabilities of a wing. He blends a competitive attitude with a pass-first mentality, a combo that makes him lethal from every part of the court.

Here, Luka talks about admiring MJ as a kid in Europe, his favorite Air Jordan model and more. Welcome to the family, Luka.

What does it feel like to be a part of the Jordan Brand family?

It’s a real honour to be part of the Jordan family, especially at such an exciting time for them and for me. I’m looking forward to working with the team and hopefully making my own mark on the future of the brand.

Your sneaker free agency has been a hot topic of discussion. What influenced your decision to join the Jordan Brand family?

Yes, it created a lot of media attention recently! I guess it’s a compliment and shows how much sneakers are a part of culture now, especially in the NBA. For me, when I knew Jordan Brand was interested, I was really excited. It’s a brand with an amazing history. The more I learned about their plans and how much they believe in me, it became an easy decision.

Growing up overseas, what was your exposure to Air Jordans and sneaker culture as a kid?

Growing up in Slovenia, and all over Europe, everyone knows about Air Jordans because of the impact Michael Jordan has had all over the world. Sneaker culture has always been a big thing for me, and it only seems to be getting bigger. Air Jordans are always at the forefront of that.

Do you have a favorite Air Jordan?

The Air Jordan IV.

What makes the Jordan Brand Family so special?

I love the fact that there has always been a select number of athletes representing the brand. All Jordan athletes are world class at what they do, and I have a lot of respect for that.

There is a certain style and swagger that comes with being a Jordan Brand athlete. How do you describe that?

I think it’s all about having confidence and being yourself, not trying to copy anyone or be something you’re not.

You’ve gotten a lot of attention for your pregame outfits and sneakers. Where does your style inspiration come from?

I just try to be myself. I’ve always been interested in fashion and had my own style. I have fun with it.

You made news recently about your comments on stats and comparisons. Where does that winning over stats mindset come from?

It’s just the way I’ve always been. Stats are a big thing now in sports, and something the media focuses on and talks about a lot. But if you’re not winning games, the individual stats mean very little. Winning is the priority for me, so it’s all about doing my best for the team, to give us the best chance.

Even though you’re one of the youngest superstars in the league, you’ve already become a role model to millions both here in the U.S. and overseas. As someone who went pro at such a young age, how do you view yourself as a role model?

I understand the responsibility of being in the public eye and playing in the NBA. I’ve always tried to behave in a way that I think is right and that my family would be proud of. If that means I can influence young people in a positive way, that’s great, and I’ll continue to do that.

What are you looking forward to the most as part of the Jordan Brand family?

I’m just excited to be part of the team and hopefully playing a part in the future of such an iconic brand.