Asia Durr and Kia Nurse became teammates in April when the New York Liberty selected Durr 2nd overall in WNBA Draft presented by State Farm. Nurse, a second-year player on the Liberty, was amongst the first people to congratulate her and welcome her to the league. Now, the two guards join forces on another team, the Jordan Brand Family.

Joining a family of over 50 active professional athletes across multiple sports, Durr and Nurse are the first WNBA athletes to be signed since Maya Moore in 2011. With the WNBA season in full swing, the two teammates took a break from training to talk about representing Jordan Brand, style in New York City and being role models for young girls around the world.

Asia Durr

How does it feel to be part of the Jordan Brand family?

AD: To be part of the Jordan Brand family is definitely a dream come true. Growing up, I’ve always been a kid who loved Jordan shoes. To make this dream come true, I really can’t put it into words to describe how it feels. The best way I would put it as it’s just being thankful, being very excited about it as well.

KN: I’m extremely excited to be a part of the Jordan Brand family. It’s something that I’ve obviously known about a long time growing up, and I think it’s iconic. I love the fact that it’s a smaller brand in terms of the amount of athletes that they have. It really leads well into that family atmosphere.

Kia Nurse

What’s it like having another Jordan Brand family member on your team?

AD: Kia I actually met her draft night here in New York. She came and said, “Hey,” to me and my family. She’s been by my side throughout this whole process, from the first day of training camp until now. She’s been a great teammate helping me out and giving me advice.

KN: I absolutely love having Asia on my team. I played against her a lot when I was young or in college, and I’m glad that I don’t have to guard her now. I think she’s a great basketball player, but an even better human. The one thing that I told her as a rookie was just lean on people. I will be the first person that will come and answer your call, answer a question that you have. I understand that there’s a different level to this league, a different maturity. You go from a place where everything’s taken care of to now, you’re responsible and accountable for everything. So, anything that you need help with, find people that have the character that are willing to share that with you and stick by them.

Asia Durr

Kia Nurse

What’s your favorite Jordan?

AD: The XIs low tops. I have a lot of those. I have the ones that just came out. The snakeskin. I need the pink ones too though. I love pink. I love all of them.

KN: That’s the hardest question. I love AJIs. I love every color that they come in. Any time I see one, I’m like either I got that one or I need that one. I don’t care if it’s high or low, they just go with every outfit that I have.

How do you like playing in the Air Jordan XXXIII SE?

AD: I love them. They’re different because they don’t have shoelaces. All you do is pull to tighten it. When I’d first seen them I’m like hmm that’s different. Playing in them, they’re very comfortable. They’re probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever played in. I really like them.

KN: I absolutely love it. I think they’re light. I think the versatility of them in terms of the tightness, you don’t have to have the laces. And the traction on the bottom is fantastic.

Asia Durr

Who is your favorite Jordan Brand athlete?

AD: I love Maya Moore, just what she does as a person. Not only just for the game. She’s a great person.

KN: I would say Maya Moore. She was the reason that I wanted to play in WNBA. She was the first female athlete that I ever saw on television and I said that is why I want to play this sport to the highest of my ability.

Kia Nurse

There’s a certain style and swagger that comes with being a Jordan Brand athlete. How do you describe that?

AD: I think Jordan Brand has a different type of swag. I think it can fit certain players with how they play and also how they dress with its shoes and clothes. Not everybody can rock that. You know what I’m saying? For them to make this deal come true, it’s like okay, maybe they see that with me too so I’m going to do my best to represent them well.

KN: I think Jordan Brand athletes just absolutely know how to dress in the sense of it’s comfortable, it’s something that makes them feel the best of both worlds. We’re athletes and we love that, we love to show off our style. We can wear Jordans with any outfit, whether it be jeans or any kind of designer stuff. I think that’s what makes it so versatile, you can put it on and you can go to any place in the world and feel like you have style.

Why is it important to you to be a role model to young girls?

AD: It’s so important because I was once in their shoes. I was that one kid who players that I love and looked up to. Now it’s my turn to give back to those kids and tell them they can do whatever they want in this world. Just staying positive, working hard, sacrificing and stuff like that. Also ,it’s just very genuine. It just comes natural for me because I’m that genuine person that really love kids. I love all of my fans. I just do my best to try to give back to them.

KN: I think sports has so much to offer besides just the wins and the losses. Everything that we get to do as athletes teaches us about accountability and teamwork. There’s so many transferable life skills that I think are essential for young women to learn, whether or not they want to play sports for the rest of their life. Because these are up and coming leaders in the world. If they know how to work in a team, they know how to cooperate, they know how to communicate with people and really understand what makes someone tick and what makes somebody motivated, that’s only going to make our society better.

Asia and Kia styled by Sashà Elina De Oliveira

New York is one of the sneaker capitals of the world. What is the style and sneaker game out here like to you?

AD: Oh, it’s different. Everybody got swag up here. Even how they talk. It’s pretty cool. You’ve got to keep up or you’re going to get lost.

KN: It’s a little bit of everything in New York and I think that’s what’s so exciting about it. It’s a place where you can really be whoever you want to be, wear whatever makes you feel as as possible. That’s why the style here is so different.

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