For a 20-year old often regarded as the future of basketball, Zion Williamson has old-school sensibilities. He appreciates the classics and respects the architects. Zion embraces music that he heard in his household as a child or even came out before he was born. He’s a dominating post scorer who forces the issue at the rack, in a sport that has shifted much of the offensive action outside the 3-point arc over the last decade. And, when he was drafted number one overall by New Orleans on draft night, he wore a crispy-clean, cream suit with black shoes (although he sprinkled in a modern twist by going without a tie). To Zion, you start with the foundational blueprint and build from there. 

The monochrome Jordan Zion 1 “Gen Zion” colorway is a nod to the beauty and power of simplicity. With a minimalist look, the shoe’s silhouette takes center stage. “If you can make a black and white shoe look good,” Zion says, “then the room to be creative and different is limitless.” This idea, that you master the basics first, is one that Zion knows well. As a teenager, he skipped parties and other social functions, in order to focus on mastering his craft. 

The “Gen Zion” colorway includes an apparel collection inspired by Zion’s formative days back in South Carolina. The backpack is similar to the type he carried with him on long basketball road trips. The apparel collection also includes hoodies, T-shirts, shorts, socks and bucket hats.

The Jordan Zion 1 “Gen Zion” releases April 29, 2021. 

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