From the moment the public laid eyes on Zion Williamson, we knew he was different. For millions of viewers, it came by camera-phone footage from packed South Carolina gyms, where this high schooler was reeling off dunks with an unfathomable blend of power and elegance. In a span that felt like a heartbeat, Zion continued his domination at the highest level of college basketball and again in the professional ranks, where he has become the youngest NBA All-Star since LeBron James.  

Throughout history, few players have matched Zion’s mix of physicality, explosiveness and body control. Even when seven-foot defenders wall off the lane, he finds an invisible crease between those long arms and knotted shoulders. Then, Zion erupts, gliding past opponents to the rim like a blade through butter. As a rookie, he averaged 22.5 points a game in limited minutes; by midway through his second season, he was posting 25.5 points, 7.2 rebounds and 3.4 assists per night, with a 61.4% field goal percentage that placed within the league’s top five. The leader of basketball’s next-generation, Zion makes the extraordinary look easy.

But Zion is more than flashy stats and viral dunks. With the premiere of the Jordan Zion 1, his first signature shoe, we discover who he really is, how he got here and the principles that guide him to this day. His shoe is a personal, powerful object that honors family, roots and community; it marks a culmination of one journey and the beginning of his next one. With colorways like “Gen Zion” and “ZNA,” this shoe is very much about the presence of supernatural talent in an otherwise kind and unassuming 20-year old.

“You want to be out-of-this-world and different?” Zion says. “This is the shoe you put on.”

The Jordan Zion 1 “Gen Zion” releases April 29, 2021. The Jordan Zion 1 “ZNA” releases May 5, 2021.

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